Allison Dennis holds a BFA in Musical Theatre with a Minor in Music. Over the years she has played in several jazz, funk and folk bands and recorded and performed as a singer-songwriter.  In NYC she acted, sang and flew in the Off Broadway shows De La Guarda and Kerouac, until a back injury during a performance brought her to yoga in 2001. Unable to perform asanas the first three years of the injury, her entry point to yoga was the philosophy of India. She concentrated on Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras for a decade while becoming a yoga asana teacher as therapy for her own physical pain.

Her training experience includes the following certifications:

  • Prem Sadasivananda, 500 hours of TT in the Sivananda lineage, 2005
  • Body Therapy Institute, 650 hour Massage Therapy Program, 2006
  • David Life, Sharon Gannon, and Manorama, 300 hour Jivamukti TT, 2008
  • Swami Swaroopananda, Patanjali Raja Yoga TT, 2010 – 2013
  • Mark Whitwell, Yoga of Heart TT, 2011 

In addition to the aforementioned teachers, Allison has been deeply influenced by the classes and extended satsangs she has attended with Edwin Bryant, Robert Svoboda, Radhika Devi, Ram Das, Radhanath Swami, Pattabhi Jois, and Amma.

From 2010-2018 Allison owned and operated Heart of Yoga School out of Carrboro, NC where she designed and taught three distinct yoga teacher trainings, culminating in a full 800 hour YTT program. She led nineteen long-term trainings while managing the School, guiding curious seekers to become teachers in their own right. 

In 2010 Allison began her friendship with Nada Yoga Master, K. Sridhar.  He inspired Allison to apply her love for music to the practice and study of Indian music and has been her primary mentor and teacher ever since.  He also supported her interest in astrology as she began studies with Komilla Sutton and Renay Oshop.  In recent years she has fully stepped into the role of music teacher and astrologer. 

Prem and Sridhar often encouraged Allison to visit India, and life finally allowed that to happen in 2016. She has returned every year since to deepen her understanding of the Indian culture that Sridhar and his wife Camilla have shared with her while traveling around Tamil Nadu and leading temple tours.  She now leads her own tours in India focusing on astrology, music, and mythology.   

Now Allison is travelling about leading tours, workshops, retreats, and kirtan, sharing her love of the Indian culture and knowledge systems.