India and Yoga Retreats


Vrindavan, India

The Magical Mythical Mystery Tour

Registration and $500 non-refundable deposit due April 10, 2020.

This tour and yoga retreat, co-designed by Edwin Bryant and Govinda Andriollo, will focus on perhaps the most delightful stories in all of Indian mythology, the legend of Krishna from the Srimad Bhagavatam. Vrindavan/ Mathura is the village where Krishna was born and enjoyed his childhood. 

Before the tour begins, Allison will set the stage with three days of yoga and mythology, awakening a sense of wonder and bhakti. Allison will offer a daily yoga class and nightly kirtan throughout the ten-days. 

Highlights of the tour include visits to some epic temples along with Govardhan Hill, a boat ride on the Yamuna River and an excursion to Agra to visit the Taj Mahal.

October 10-20, 2020

Magical Mythical Mystery Tour Deposit

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$500 Deposit due April 10.


Kerala and Tamil Nadu, India

The Radiance Retreat

Registration and $500 non-refundable deposit due July 28, 2020.

A rejuvenating retreat in South India focused on cleansing the body and mind by way of nourishing farm to table organic food, yoga, subtle body practices, ayurveda, sound, and nature.

Each day we'll focus on a chakra by way of breath, sound, and relaxation practices focusing on clearing subtle blockages and developing intimacy with our essential nature. Enjoy a daily gentle yoga class and music as well as talks on how to practice positive thinking in our daily lives.

Dec 28, 2020 - Jan 4, 2021

Radiance Retreat Deposit

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

$500 Deposit Due July 28.


Tamil Nadu, India

Astrology and the Elements Temple Tour: Working with the Stars and Our Stuff

Registration and $500 non-refundable deposit due August 1, 2020.

The first few days we'll settle in by way of delicious food, relaxation, and astrological talks in Chennai . You'll each receive an astrology session within the first week if not before the tour begins. Then we'll visit the Elemental Temples; Earth in Kanchipuram, Water in Trichy, Fire in Tiruvanamalai, Air in SriKalahasti and Ether in Chidambaram. 

In addition, we'll visit each of the Planetary temples in the Kaveri Delta.  If interested in having the otherworldly experience of a Nadi Palm Leaf Astrology reading, Allison will arrange for you.

Jan 7-21, 2021

Temple Tour Deposit

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$500 Deposit Due Aug 1.