Kirtan and Sacred Music


What is Kirtan?

Kirtan is call and response chanting, usually in the Sanskrit language. It focuses the mind, helps tension lift to the surface and allows it to dissipate; subduing the emotional storms. It is one of the main practices of bhakti yoga; the path of devotion and love. 

Kirtan creates an uplifting vibration for the mind to swim in, enabling deeper states of peaceful awareness in our day to day lives. We're constantly vibrating with some thought, sound, being, etc with varying degrees of intentionality and/or unconscious patterning. Some vibrations allow for harmony and resonance. Others create dissonance,  impeding our ability to vibrate authentically. 

We might benefit from utilizing more tools for transforming our resonance with  with the vibrations we encounter in daily life? Sublimating the raw material of emotion by way of release through sound. Kirtan is one such tool, revealing directly our essential nature by way of sound. This practice clears the path from heart chakra to throat chakra, allowing our hearts and voices to shine authentically, expressing both confidence and vulnerability in cleaner and clearer ways.

American Music



I have a BFA in Music and Theater and have been playing guitar for over twenty years. 

I'm available to play originals and cover songs for house concerts, museums, festivals, and other classy or cozy spaces.