Kirtan and Devotional Indian Music


What is Kirtan?

Kirtan is call and response chanting, usually in the Sanskrit language. It focuses the mind, helps tension lift to the surface and dissipate, subdues the emotional storms, and is one of the main practices of bhakti yoga; the path of devotion and love. 

Kirtan creates an uplifting vibration for the mind to swim in, enabling deeper states of peaceful awareness in our day to day lives. We're constantly vibrating with some thought, sound, being, device, instrument, word, etc with varying degrees of intentionality and/or unconscious patterning. Some vibrations allow for harmony and resonance. Others create dissonance, inertia, or scatteredness,  impeding our ability to vibrate authentically. 

We might benefit from utilizing more tools for transforming negative vibrations into positive ones? Kirtan is one such tool, revealing with relative ease our essential nature by way of making sound and taking up space. This allows our hearts to shine brighter and our voices to exercise both confidence and vulnerability.

Once we've deepened the groove of listening to  love and allowing love to rise from our depths and express through sound, we can begin to focus on Sanskrit pronunciation which is a medicine all it's own.  It's like asana in the mouth for creating balance and purifying the heaviness in the heart and mind.

Learn to Lead Kirtan

Learn to lead chants to share with your community or for your home practice. I can teach you privately online through Zoom or WhatsApp. I'm available in person when I'm in your area and rates vary from $60 to $100 depending on location and means. 

By summer of 2020 my online school will be available and you can subscribe to pre-recorded classes and a chant library that will teach you about the harmonium, sanskrit, rhythm, bhakti yoga essentials, how to sing and practice in the traditional Indian way avoiding cultural appropriation, and a variety of mythologies to heal the heart by way of myths that enliven the soul.

I can also help you purchase a quality and affordable harmonium from India if you don't have one. Generally with shipping they are about $400.

American Music, Songwriting, and Opening the Voice


Lessons and Concerts

I have a BFA in Music and Theater and have been playing guitar for over twenty years. I've been writing songs and fine tuning cover songs for as long as I can remember and may be able to help you do the same?

If you feel yourself needing  inspiration to open up your creative energy for singing with more confidence or songwriting from deeper places, perhaps I can assist you in working out that song your trying to learn or trying to write? I can also give voice and guitar lessons. 

I'm available to play originals and cover songs for house concerts, outdoor events, museums, festivals, and other classy or cozy spaces.  Find me on Instagram @ombluesky to see clips of songs.