Kirtan and Devotional Indian Music



Kirtan is call and response chanting in the Sanskrit language.  Contact me if you are interested in booking a tour date.  I also incorporate Kirtan into teacher training programs, workshops and retreats.


I've released several live Kirtan albums along with a few albums of original music. Available for purchase on CDBaby and streaming on Spotify.

Private Lessons

Available in person or by Zoom and WhatsApp.  Rates vary from $60 to $100 depending on location and means.

Music Teaching Offerings

Classes and Workshops can be organized covering any combination of the following topics:

  • Indian Music Appreciation
    • Different styles
    • Aspects to raga
    • How to listen and what to listen for 
    • The different instruments 
    • Saptasvara - sa re ga ma pa dha ni sa, 
    • The chromatic scale, the octave, the pentatonic scale
  • Harmonium
    • Introduction to the instrument (stops, drones, bellows, coupler, keys)
    • Proper care and maintenance 
    • How to pump and allow the instrument to breathe fluidly
    • How to play chants and traditional indian scales, 
    • Exercises for dexterity and enhanced improvisation skills
  • Rhythm
    • How to identify the rhythm of a song,
    • How to count and sing in rhythms other than eight
  • Pranayama and Sound
    • Breathing exercises to expand breath capacity and allow for greater ease in singing as well as clearer sounding vocalizations
  • Stories of the Deities
    • Contextual information and inspiration around the words sung during chants
  • Sanskrit
    • Alphabet pronunciation 
    • Reading transliteration
    • Looking up and interpreting word meanings


American Music


Acoustic Guitar

I have a BFA in Music and Theater and have been playing guitar for over twenty years. I'm available to play originals and cover songs for house concerts, outdoor events, museums, festivals, and other classy or cozy spaces.