South India: Tamil Nadu, 2020

Elemental & Astrological Temples: Working with the Stars and Our Stuff

Tentative Itinerary:

Jan 7-9: Arrive Chennai right in time for Pongal, a giant festival in the South of India that celebrates the auspicious northerly course of the Sun. Over the first few days we'll spend time immersed in astrology talks and astrological readings for all participants. There will be plenty of time for rest and relaxation and we'll take a day trip to see Srikalahasti, the Air Temple.

Jan 10-11: On our way to Tiruvanamalai to visit the Fire Temple we'll stop in Kanchipuram to see the Earth Temple. We'll also visit Ramana Maharishi's Ashram for meditation in a few choice locations.

Jan 12-13:  Head to Trichy for several Temples, including a Ganesh Temple on top of a mountain and the Water Temple.

Jan 14-15: On the way to Kumbakonam we'll visit our first Planetary Temple for the Moon. From this town we'll visit Rahu, Jupiter, and Saturn Temples.

Jan 16-18: On the way to Vaitheeshvarar we'll visit the Sun and Venus Temples. From this town we'll make day trips to see Mars, Mercury, and Ketu Temples. This is the town where you can opt to get a Nadi Astrology reading should you choose to do so.

Jan 19: Chidambaram, the Ether Temple.

Jan 20: Chennai.

Jan 21: Depart.

Total Cost: $2,100

Includes Food, Clean Water, Hotels, Land Travel, Nadi Astrology Session, a Puja at the Temple of your choice to be decided with Allison, and a Vedic Astrology session with Allison.  Does not include Airfare, Visa, extra pujas, and beverages beyond a few coffees a day.

This tour is alcohol and meat free.

To Register:

1. Contact Allison to introduce yourself, ask questions, and be sent the Booking Forms and India Tips document.

2. Pay deposit of $500 by October 1 and submit a signed Booking Form.  Full payment due November 1.

Tentatively Jan 7 - 21, 2021

“There is nothing that could have really prepared me for the temple tour! I studied religion and spirituality in college, I’ve practiced yoga for 8 years, and I had been to India once before – and this trip to South India temples moved my spirit, grew my heart, and expanded everything I once knew about devotion, about God, and about the reverence of being alive. There are no words to describe being a part of a sea of people moving just for a glimpse of God at the temple. There are few words to describe how loud devotion really is when it’s experienced – how unafraid, how direct, how beautiful, how reassuring, how welcoming. 

If you want to grow your heart, steep yourself in the beauty that is lived devotion, take your most prized adventure yet, and try eating with your hands for two weeks, go to India with Allison! And let your life, and the song of your heart, be taken up a notch.” – Katie Breen


Details coming:

About the Nadi Palm Leaf Reading:

About the Nadi Palm Leaf Reading:

About the Nadi Palm Leaf Reading:

About the Nadi Palm Leaf Reading:

About the Nadi Palm Leaf Reading:

Sages meditated and received information about beings that had yet to be born but would be seeking Indian wisdom and guidance in the future. These sages recorded what they heard by writing it on palm leafs.  They have information about our past lives, this life, our health, future, and purpose.  It is often possible to ask a couple of specific questions as well.   We are not guaranteed a session but they will meet with each of us and determine if its auspicious for a reading at that time.