Vrindavan, India: October 10 - 20, 2020

A Magical Mythical Mystery Tour in Vrindavan, India

Vrindavan is Krishna’s childhood home. 

This ten day retreat and tour focuses on key historical temples and sites related to Krisna’s life.  

The first three days of the retreat Allison will tell stories from the Srimad Bhagavatam, lead daily yoga classes, and offer nightly kirtan sessions.  These first few days are designed to help everyone settle into India and create some context for the upcoming tour.  Whether you’ve heard the stories of Srimad Bhagavatam hundreds of times or it’s all new to you, Allison will lay a magical mythical foundation from which you can move deeper into your heart center. Enlivening your connection to Reality, God, or the Universe is the goal. Yoga classes will be designed with brand new beginners and long time yoga students in mind. 

Days four to ten, we will visit the sites of Vrindavan that we’ve learned about in the myths of Krisna.  Edwin Bryant and Govinda Andriollo designed this tour together, and Govinda will be our guide, sharing with us his extensive knowledge of the region and its treasures.  Highlights of the tour include visits to some epic temples along with Govardhan Hill, a boat ride on the Yamuna River and an excursion to Agra to visit the Taj Mahal.   

The details of this seven day Classic Vrindavan tour can be viewed on Govinda’s website,,  along with information about the premium accommodations package we will be working with.  We will not be adding on the additional three-day Jaipur tour.  During the tour week Allison will continue to host nightly Kirtan sessions as well as morning yoga classes.  

Total Cost: Sliding Scale $1500-$2000

Includes Food, Hotels, Airport transfer, Land Travel, and all entrance fees

To Register:

1. Contact Allison to introduce yourself, ask questions, and be sent the Booking Forms and India Tips document.

2. Pay deposit of $500 before April 10, 2020 and submit a signed Booking Form. 

3. Pay in full by August 10, 2020.

"Vraj Yoga Tours offers a once in a lifetime trip and allowed for each of our retreat participants to deeply experience all that Vrindavan has to offer.  Govinda has real insight into the culture having grown up in India. His knowledge and love for Vrindavan is infectious and impressive. With Vraj Tours, you get to participate in the true culture and bhakti love that India has to offer.  It is a gift that is beyond words." Shannon Elliot, NJ