Rooted in alleviating modern suffering through ancient wisdom, 

Allison inspires universal alignment and authentic expression 

by encouraging consistent practice and empowering Self-discovery.


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Goddesses of India: The Mahavidyas

April 14 - May 5, Tuesdays at 6:00pm EST

Online only

Develop a better understanding of Shaktism and how to work with Divine Feminine energy through imagery, visualization, and sound vibration.

PayPal to Register: Sliding Scale $40-60

Astrology Fundamentals: 

Planets, Constellations, and Houses

April 13 - May 18, Mondays at 6:00pm EST

Online or in person in Durham, NC

Understand the basic building blocks of astrological symbols. 

PayPal to Register online

Register with Sahaja S P A C E 

to attend live



 October 10-20: 

The Magical Mythical Mystery Tour

This tour, co-designed by Edwin Bryant and Govinda Andriollo, will focus on perhaps the most delightful stories in all of Indian mythology. Vrindavan is the village where Krishna was born and enjoyed his childhood.  Deposit Due April 10.

Dec 28 - Jan 4:

The Radiance Retreat

A rejuvenating retreat in South India focused on cleansing the body and mind by way of nourishing farm to table organic food, yoga, subtle body practices, ayurveda, sound, and nature. Deposit Due July 28.

Jan 7-21:

Astrology and The Elements: Working with the Stars and Our Stuff

We'll visit the Elemental Temples and each of the Planetary temples in the Kaveri Delta.  If interested in having the otherworldly experience of a Nadi Palm Leaf Astrology reading, Allison will arrange for you. Deposit Due August 1.



Follow the Moon: 

Daily astrological video update 

Starts every New Moon

Begins again Feb 23

Follow the Moon, a monthly subscription from New Moon to New Moon, is a daily five to ten minute astrological video update explaining the position of the moon, the movement of the planets, and clarifyies the emotional tone of the day. 

The sliding scale cost is $45 to $60 per month. PayPal to Register.

Vedic Astrology Sessions:

Vedic Astrology, or Jyotish, is a visionary system that helps us understand our karmic patterns, personal strengths and weaknesses, life phases, and ways of navigating our current path with greater ease and less resistance. It can be particularly beneficial during transitional moments. Schedule here.



Workshops, Classes, Concerts, Kirtan, and Sound Healing.



Lessons on voice, harmonium, sanskrit pronunciation, leading kirtan, and Indian music appreciation. Concerts and Kirtan.

Streaming music on Spotify.



Workshops, coaching, and mentorship to support you through transitions and life's ups and downs. Ancient wisdom and relevant practices for a modern world. 

Coming Soon

Bhakti Academy Online School


Launching Summer of 2020

Bhakti Essentials: 

Humility, Devotion, Service

Learn to Lead Chants: 

Sanskrit, Harmonium, Rhythm

Learn to Tell Stories: 

Deities and Mythologies

Traditional Teaching Techniques 

for a Modern World

Chant Library for Harmonium Practitioners

Patanjali Yoga Sutras